Rajnath Singh Welcomes Beef Festival in Mizoram


The northern states, where beef is predominant has faced many protests by the locals but now that, on Monday the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh given his words that there will be no restraint from the Central on the food choices in the Aizwal City of Mizoram.

However the statement on ‘ban on beef’ was condemned by the opposition and against to the statement two senior leaders of BJP shows their spunk and protested by putting an end to the coalition with BJP, since after that the Meghalaya Assembly passed a resolution against the rule.

Rajnath Singh Welcomes Beef Festival in Mizoram

rajnath singh welcomes beef festival

Many a time the locals have protested against the ban on the sale of cattle in the animal market, recently after the statement of Singh, on Monday hundreds of people participated in the ‘beef ban bashing banquet’ and raised their voice. While many of the central leaders assure that ban on the sale of cattle is just hearsay.

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However, our sources suggested that if there will be the ban on the selling of beast then approx 5.7 lakh people engages in cattle-rearing have to face worthy problems.

Rajnath Singh checked into Mizoram for the convention with the Chief Minister of four northeastern states who shares the border with Bangladesh to retrospect the security of India-Myanmar border. After the meeting, Singh said Ministry of Home Affairs will extend security-related expenditure to the state of Mizoram, which lies between Myanmar and Bangladesh. After that statement Rajnath Singh said that people are free to choose whatever they want to eat, Central will not impose any restriction over their choices.

A member of the protesting group said that a feast in Mizoram was incomplete without beef in the menu. “Beef has strong cultural importance for the Mizos,” although another member of the group said that the festival was a symbolic protest and not meant to hurt the feelings of Hindu.


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