Facebook’s new Android TV app is just for watching videos.


The Facebook application on the Google Play Store has been updated to also work on Android TV.

Android TV owners will have to take an extra step to get the Facebook app up and to run on their device. Once you download the regular Facebook app from the Google Play Store on your Android TV, you will then have to go to a web link, log into your regular Facebook account, and finally type in a special code that the app displays on your Android TV screen to get it working.

Once logged in, you will be shown several different categories of Facebook videos. The first is Suggested, which includes videos shared by your friends as well as other videos that the social network believes you might like. The rest of the categories are Live, Games, and Your uploaded Videos. Lastly, there is a settings menu that allows you to sign out of the application. It does allow you to make bookmark and like any videos shown on the big screen.

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When you are a huge fan of watching videos in your free time and that too on facebook, this app will take you to the right place and enjoy watching videos on your TV screen. As for the devices that are supported, it appears any Android TV device can run it. That includes Nexus Player, SHIELD TV, etc.


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