WhatsApp does not work on these phones after 30 June.


WhatsApp services will stop after June 30. But not on all phones, WhatsApp services will only available on some phones. The company said support has been disabled for the operating system on these phones earlier that WhatsApp would not work on those phones.

However, it has been opposed by users in past. Therefore this decision was then postponed by WhatsApp. But … WhatsApp plans to implement the same decision after June 30.

BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10), Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7.1, iPhone 3GS / IOS 6 phones of these operating systems WhatsApp will not work on after June 30. So WhatsApp already suggests that those who use these phones should upgrade to a new phone or new operating system. WhatsApp says that those who are using phones other than these phones can use WhatsApp since June 30. They do not have to worry.

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WhatsApp is going to bring two new features into the WhatsApp Messenger app created for Android. The beta version of these features is 2.27.213; WhatsApp has already been submitted to the Google Play Store.

One of the new features is the Live Location feature that allows users to share their Location with their contacts. If this feature becomes available, we will be able to keep track of WhatsApp contacts in real time. Go to App Privacy Settings and enable this feature to be enabled.

As part of the add-on feature in this beta version, users are able to send their text status updates to users in the contact list. Users are able to customize their text status as desired.


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