India is at the top place in corruption… Last place is Japan.


According to a survey by Transparency International, India is the world’s top in corruption. India is in the top position from 16 Asian Pacific countries and Japan is in the last position.

Transparency International has claimed that seven out of every ten people in India have been given bribes to get their job done in government offices. It has revealed that over 90 crore people have been bribed to government officials in these 16 Asian Pacific countries, including India and China.

In this survey, has taken the view of 22 thousand people from 16 countries. In China, corruption has increased in the last three years.

The Chinese have expressed their view that their country’s government does not take appropriate steps to prevent corruption.

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In this Survey the people of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, including our country, said that their governments are taking steps to eradicate corruption.

According to the survey, 54 percent of Indian police officers and 12 percent in China are corrupt.


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