Have you eaten 15 types of Biryani on the same day? Rajamouli says shocking secrets about Prabhas.


Prabhas and Rana have worked hard for Bahubali. Both of them heavily raised muscular body for the roles of kings. They have done a number of ways for bodybuilding. They have taken the food beyond the dose. In a phase, they were weighed more than a hundred kilos.

In order to make the prestigious Bahubali, recently Rajamouli revealed that the blatant work of Prabhas, and Rana in the Bahubali promotion program in London.

15 types of Biryani on the same day:

Prabhas eats 15 types of Biriyan on the same day. Prabhas and Rana Strict dietary practices were adopted. But I never guide them about their diet practice. They were took all the care for the role of the film, in all respects. But Rajamouli said that you should be known interesting facts about Prabhas.

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Prabhas, Rana Cheet Meal program:

Prabhas, Rana kept a Cheet Meal Day once in a month. On that day food can be eaten without any dietary regulations. On a cheet meal day, Prabhas had eaten 15 kinds of biryani. I do not even know that there are all kinds of biryani. Fish soup, chicken, mutton curry he ordered to cook. Rajamouli said beyond all varieties that he would not eat without chutney.

Morning 2 AM:

We played volleyball until 2 o’clock in the morning. As soon as he left the game, he was ready to eat a variety of recipes already prepared. He was unhappy with the lack of chutney at that time. Immediately he asked brother in all where was chutney. Soon he went home and raised his sleeping wife and right away prepared chutney with her and he brought. Rajamouli said Prabhas eaten the chutney first then after he started eating rest of the dishes.

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Prabhas, who weighed about 100 kg for the role of Amarendra Bahubali in the film ‘Baahubali’, is now became very slim for Saho’s film. Sujith’s ‘Saho’ is currently in pre-production. The film is by Yuvi Creations and it will be released next year.


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