Need a password protection for your Pen Drive.


Bit Lock Encryption by Windows is an officially manual method for protecting pen drive. By choosing this protection, you will have to access the data on the drive by entering the Bit Lock code every time you connect the pen Drive to the USB.

Let’s look at the process of creating Bit Lock encryption to the pen drive…

To create a Bit lock encryption for a pen drive…?

Step 1: Connect your Pen drive to the computer first.

Step 2: After the pen drive is connected, go to the micrometers and right click on the USB drive with the mouse.

Step 3: Now select Turn on Bit Locker in the options menu that appears.

Step 4: The dedicated menu of Bit Lock Encryption Drive is now open. In the menu box, click “use a password to unlock the drive” option.

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Step 5: Enter the password you want in the fields that appear in the menu and click on the Next button.

Step 6: In the next menu, save the recovery key to file by selecting the option. You can save your password anywhere on the computer. You can get it when you forget it.

Step 7: Clicking on the Next button will encrypt all the piles of your pen drive.

Step 8: Click on the close button when the encryption is complete. Remove the pen drive and connect to the PC again. When you have your pen drive connected to the PC, the drive will open if you enter the password.


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