IAS 3rd ranker Gopalakrishna’s family was ostracized by villagers in past.


Formerly Gopalakrishna family was ostracized by the villagers. Gopalakrishna who was ranked third in the IAS was grandly welcomed by the villagers.

The village of Porasamba, a municipal corporation located near the village of Kashibugga in Srikakulam district, saw the festive atmosphere on Saturday. The villagers, who exposed the family 20 years ago, greeted the family on Saturday.

Family was honored with flowers. Today, villagers who have left the family 20 years ago welcomed them grandly.

Gopalakrishna’s parents and siblings who arrived to the village, the people have been excited by tears. Gopalakrishna gave salutation to his parents.

His father remembered the hardships that they had suffered and struggle of his son and gave a heart full hug to his son, and he offered sweet.

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Gopalakrishna, who ranked third in the civil, was trained by Bala Latha. She was ranked 167th in the Civil. Bala Latha says that she has written to prove that IAS is achievable as well as to those from remote areas. However, the trained Bala Latha was ranked 167. But Trainee Gopalakrishna acquired 3rd Rank.

Institutes that did not go forward to train Gopalakrishna was surprised that he is in the top rank in the civils. But Gopalakrishna proved himself to those who ridiculed him.


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