Facebook to release new messaging app for teenagers


In a bid to shield inclined teenagers from on-line bullying and exploitation, FB is reportedly launching a brand new messaging app in order to permit parents to display who their children are in contact with.

The app, known as TALK, can’t be searched through popular public but simply via the teens that use it and could be closed to strangers who are trying to take benefit of teenagers at the internet.

According to the internet site the data, a software program code become located within the major app that discovered signs of latest parental controls that would set the app other than FB messenger app.


The code said, “Talk is a messaging app where you completely manage the contacts and your children makes use of the talk app to chat with you in messenger.”

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The app is anticipated to be for those who are thirteen-years-old and above and could no longer require the user to have a Facebook profile.

Lately, the Australian newspaper suggested that the social network can assist advertisers goal customers as young as 14.

While the parental controls in the new messaging app might also flip some teens off because of barriers on their freedom on the social media, the service can be helpful to parents who are concerned about their inability to screen to whom their children speak to on line.


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